As a team, active in the meeting industry for almost fifty solar years and for nearly hundred event calendar years (in the meeting industry we believe that we live all the years due to late night and weekend overtime hours), we cleared the “company name” hurdle easily thanks to our partner Ata Ceyhun. And our company was named after “Invictus”.

In Latin the word invictus means “unconquerable soul” and “undefeated”. We took inspiration from the poem written in 1875 by the British poet William Ernest Henley (1849-1903), which is already the most well known poem of the poet.

We follow a very basic principle: “every problem has a solution”. In the organization of events and meetings we learnt this principle through experience. While we are seeking for solutions to bitter and sweet challenges, this principle is not a only a principle, it is a value by which we live and breathe.  We work hard as long as we find that specific solution without being conquered and defeated.

Poem Invictus has as its theme the drive to thrive even when confronted by a difficult trial. Rumor has it that Nelson Mandela was inspired by this poem while he was serving his time in prison. We can never claim that our job is as difficult as Mandela’s case, however, you may experience difficulties (venue, time, menu, dress code, etc) even while you are organizing a birthday party for your loved one, say the least of it. Moreover the mice sector, which has already turned into a profession with its own international society and association, is more than capable of piling one trouble on another for the Project Officer during the organization of a single event.

We continue to render our services under a new roof, but still with pleasure as always for many years and with more peace. We unite our experiences with our inferences to be a problem solver and to get in the groove in our services.

We would be more than happy if we are able to share this joy and enthusiasm with you – our dear valued customers – in each and every meeting, excursion and event we organize.